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Updated June 2024
A quick overview of the projects
where I am now involved...

Just arrived from Tortosa.
Thanks and bye bye!

  • Facebook design for La Nave agency image

    Design for Facebook 2014 La Nave agency |
    Idea and design || for La Nave agency | Alicante | 2014 || Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Concept, design and web development for La Nave Agency image

    Development of the online shop Bisuteria para ti |
    idea and design || Web development by La Nave Agency | Alicante | 2013 || Photoshop and Prestashop /   + info

  • Facebook design for Símbolo Ingenio Creativo image

    Carnival Facebook header 2013 for Símbolo |
    Design and concept || for Símbolo Ingenio Creativo | Alicante | 2012 || Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Azay Le Rideau image

    Azay Le Rideau trip report 2015
    Photo gallery || | Alicante | 2015   see report

  • Newsletter for Keyton in Las Vegas image

    Newsletter Keyton New Generation at Cinemacon in Las Vegas |
    Design and adaptation || for La Nave agency | Alicante | 2013 || Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Juanjook in Pecha Kucha Night Alicante vol 5 image

    Support, coordination and photographer for the Pecha Kucha Night Alicante vol.5
    Place: agora FNAC / organized by ACREA || 14/12/2013 || see + mentions

  • Designer Citizen image

    Designer / Citizen
    Four short lessons (more or less about design) || Milton Glaser | by Gustavo Gili | Barcelona | 2014 see + books

  • Gráficas Azorín design for Facebook image

    Facebook header for Gráficas Azorín |
    Design and idea || for Símbolo Ingenio Creativo | Alicante | 2013 || Photoshop

  • Valladolid image

    Valladolid trip report 2016
    Photo gallery || | Alicante | 2016   see report

  • Juanjook photo gallery Image

    Mailing Juanjook photogallery
    Travel website design || | Alicante | 2015 || Photoshop & Illustrator see photo gallery

  • California Wines Image

    Label for wines Vineyard
    Wines of California || Marco García, CocoSchool || Alicante | 2010 || Tools: Illustrator || see project

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