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Inmo Costablanca

El Campello needs a powerful
identity which links the tradition.

Applications for houses online.
For + info, read the briefing

  • Costablanca Real estate site image

    Costablanca Real estate site
    Costablanca Real estate interface for Artes School || El Campello (Alicante) | 2006 || Photoshop and Fireworks   + info

  • Costablanca Real estate logo image

    Costablanca Real estate logo
    for Jose Miguel Gosálbez: Artes School | 2007 || El Campello | 2007 || Freehand   + info

Costablanca Real estate pieces

Inmobiliaria Costablanca / Alicante

Corporate identity project for Arts School / 2007
All an identity reference for a local only in the coastal town of El Campello. Real estate for sale, to rent, for new work and especially attention to the client and professionalism characterise Costablanca real estate. A company-wide by and for the people in the province of Alicante. Without losing their identity, giving an integral service. Also, is the development and implementation of the web site, a series of graphics applications.

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