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Napa Valley, San Francisco calls us.
Scents, scents, flavors, textures.

Authentic wines from California.
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Vineyard California wines pieces

Vineyard (die-label wines) / Napa Valley (San Francisco)

Packaging project for client created in the School for Communication and the Visual Arts (CocoSchool) of Alicante / 2010
The Napa Valley in California decided to create his own label of avant-garde and bring together the vineyards and most important wine cellars in the region. Porto, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Navarra, Xerez... So, it is necessary to record the Californian label in all and each one of the units sold of the best stock in North America. The visual identity and its subsequent application to adhesive labels on glass is designed. Warranty, professionalism, tradition and good taste. 'Ready for curves'.

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